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You can get a cyst anywhere on your body, and when you have a cyst in your foot, you may have trouble walking or find it causes significant discomfort. At Desert Foot and Ankle in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona, the team of board-certified podiatrists is experienced in draining, removing, and helping you manage problematic cysts. To get treatment, book an appointment online or over the phone.

Cyst Q & A

What is a cyst?

A cyst is a sac-like pocket of tissue that may contain fluid, pus, air, or other substances, and can form anywhere on your body. Cysts look like small bumps or lumps on your skin or sticking out from right beneath the surface. They’re smooth and firm to the touch as if there’s a large pea under your skin.

Cysts are usually harmless and noncancerous, but they may cause discomfort depending on their size and location. Further, cysts sometimes rupture or become infected, which can cause pain.

It’s usually not clear what causes cysts to form, though they sometimes result from blockages, injuries, or infections.

How do cysts affect the feet?

There are many different types of cysts. If you have a cyst on your foot, it’s likely to be either a ganglion or a synovial cyst.

Ganglion cyst

A ganglion cyst forms on top of a joint or tendon, and usually on top of your foot but may develop in other parts of your foot. The word “ganglion” means knot, and a ganglion cyst looks and feels like a knot. 

Often, ganglion cysts don’t cause symptoms, other than the development of a lump under the skin. You may have trouble walking or find it uncomfortable to wear shoes while you have a ganglion cyst on your foot.

Synovial cyst

Synovial cysts are similar to ganglion cysts. The primary difference between the two is that synovial cysts have a thin layer of tissue surrounding them, while ganglion cysts do not. Similarly, these kinds of cysts usually don’t cause symptoms but can cause discomfort in your foot.

Your Desert Foot and Ankle podiatrist may not be able to distinguish between a ganglion or synovial cyst with the naked eye. However, both are treated the same way.

How are cysts on the feet treated?

You don’t necessarily need to undergo treatment for a cyst. If the cyst isn’t painful or interfering with walking, you may elect to watch the cyst for changes and see if you later need treatment.

If the cyst is bothering you, treatment options include:

  • Changing your footwear to avoid irritating the cyst, including wearing custom orthotics
  • Draining the cyst and then injecting steroid medication into the area
  • Surgically removing the cyst

To get treatment for a cyst, book an appointment at Desert Foot and Ankle online or over the phone.